Attention, attention!!!

Hello all, and welcum back to your regularly scheduled live-and-in-person hashing dues time, and thank you 2021 for not being as crazy as last year!
Once again dues are due, if you’d like to pay for all your hot, sweaty action and BEER ahead (who said head?) of time. The grand total is $90 for six months of hashing from 10/15 to 4/15 and the ways you can pay are as follows:
- Cash: in person - Muff Daddy likes those hand jobs
- Credit card: more quick Muff Daddy action
- Venmo: @sfhashhouse
- Zelle:
- PayPal:
You have until 10/31 to pay your dues and you’ll like it. Now zip it and drink your beer, and we’ll see you on Monday nights.
With great love and a smack on the ass,
P.S. No cryptocurrency
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